Go anywhere and learn the dos and donts with Thekwini Motor Group

At Thekwini Motor Group its a little bit more than just buying a car or servicing a car. Its about creating an environment where people can get together. Its about family, its about strengthening relationships, really venture into whats available in South Africa hence the birth of 4x4xmore with TMG.

It's about teaching people to enjoy outdoors, enjoy new experiences and enjoy their 4x4's. We found that alot of our clients dont really use their 4x4's as they should. Hence we thought it would be a good idea to get together and have some fun and meet new people and enjoy our environment along the way.

4x4 Training Days are designed to help you to get to know your vehicle and what it can do. We work in conjunction with the best training instructors, who prep you on all aspects of your 4x4 vehicle. We take you up mountains, through rivers, over rocks, pushing your vehicle to the limit, while teaching you the fundamentals and how to trust your car. Training you in a manner that announces your life.

Our other purpose is to get to know our customers better but also for them to get to know us better. Its not about just selling a car or servicing a car but its about really interacting with each other and creating a relationship in an environment where we can become useful not to just ourselves but society at large.

So we always look forward to our 4x4xmore days, we look forward to meeting you and helping you to learn more about your 4x4. At the same time introducing our values and principles.Its more about family, socializing and having fun. Its more about adventure and the excitement and here at Thekwini Motor Group, that is what we want to do.