Hino 300 Bus Series

Comfort and privacy are necessities

With substantial seating capacities ranging from a 25-seater to a 35-seater with standard wheelchair access throughout the range, the Hino 300 Bus Series is convenient to use for all passengers. Boasting a beautiful bodywork of a tubular steel construction, this impressive structure is sure to make a statement wherever it may travel. Plush seats can be made from either vinyl or cloth material to ensure maximum comfort to all passengers, whilst tinted safety glass windows protect your passengers’ privacy for a worry-free ride.

Exemplary performance

The all new Hino 300 Series does not disappoint in performance. A powerful intercooled turbo engine comes standard on all models. The ABS system is backed by the latest technology that Hino offers to revolutionise the commuter experience as we know it. A 6-wheel attachment ensures a smooth, stress free ride while a geared speed of 100km/h at sea level ensures a timely arrival.

Don’t settle

Backed by power and consistency, the new Hino 300 Bus Series serves as a reliable medium sized shuttle that gets the job done and looks fabulous doing it. Why settle for less when you can have the best? The Hino 300 Bus Series: performance you can trust.

Hino 300 714 bus SWB​

Capacity: 24-34 ​​

Hino 300 815 bus LWB Auto

​​Capacity: 24-34​​

Hino 300 915 bus LWB

Capacity: 24-34