Hino 500 Bus Series

Do not compromise on comfort

The Hino 500 bus series is all about ensuring maximum comfort for all passengers. The luxurious body’s low floor height and extended chassis overhang create more room for additional leg-space. Ranging from a 35 to 55-seater, the commuter series has the bus for every occasion and is designed to withstand the unique African climate. Choose between a forced air ventilation system or a roof-mounted air-conditioned interior to provide the perfect temperature for your trip.

Conscious design

The Hino 500 Bus Series has been designed with all the stops in mind. With wheelchair access via a hydraulic lift ramp and two wheelchair platforms with clamps to secure the wheelchairs in place, you will be ready for any scenario. With four fold-down chairs that can be utilised when the wheelchair platforms are not in use, you will never miss out on a full capacity. The Hino 500 Bus series is fully customisable to your needs, with optional panoramic front-end design, partial shelves, luggage compartments, tinted windows and the option of reclining seats offering additional leg-room and comfort to your passengers.

The only choice

The Hino 500 Series is the newest in the range of semi-luxury buses that Hino has to offer. With modern features and unparalleled quality the 500 Series emerges as the clear choice.

For luxurious traveling, choose right. Choose the Hino 500 Bus Series.

Hino 500 1018 Bus 39 commuter​

Capacity: 27-39​​​

Hino 500 1018 Bus 27 wheelchair​

Capacity: ​27-39​​

Hino 500 1018 Bus 35 semi-lux

Capacity: 27-39​​

Hino 500 1326 Bus 45 semi-lux​

Capacity: 45-50​​​

Hino 500 1326 Bus 50 commuter​

​​Capacity: 45-50​​

Hino 500 1626 Bus 55 semi-lux​

Capacity: 55-65​​​

Hino 500 1626 Bus 65 commuter

Capacity: 55-65