Thekwini Movember Expo
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Time: 10:00am to 20:00pm
Location: Thekwini Toyota Automark Westville
30 Church Road, Westville

Thekwini Motor Group was founded to bring people together, build strong relationships and make an impact in our communities. Over the years Thekwini Motor Group has built business relationships with our loyal customers and suppliers. As proud South Africans and as a family-owned business, we understand the needs of our community.

We pride ourselves on participating in community-based programs to inspire and uplift society and encourage everyone to support their local businesses.

This year we embark on a new venture to support men who struggle against cancer, mental illness and other diseases daily. Some work for companies, others own businesses, big and small. We are teaming up to support them and help them to network and grow within our community.

The Thekwini Movember EXPO is just one way we would like to encourage local businesses to network within our community with all things fun for men.

From bikes, scooters, jet ski’s, boats, cars and more to good food and lots of fun. This will be a day to forget about your problems and experience Everything a Man Wants!

Thekwini Movember Expo
Thekwini Vendors
Yaris GR Simulator

Think you have what it takes to win

Then come through and race on our 1v1 racing simulator where you can take on the best drivers and work your way to the top of the log. There will be live racing and a top drivers leader board and if you end the night on top ...

You Win!

Thekwini Movember Expo