A Spirited Drive Inline-four petrol engine with turbocharger
A Sense of Style A cabin designed for your comfort
A Safe Drive Pre-Collision System

Priced from R413 600

Model Range


    Corolla 1.2T XS

    From R413 600

    Corolla 1.2T XS Bi-T

    From R425 500

    Corolla 1.2T XS CVT

    From R426 500

    Corolla 1.2T XS CVT Bi-T

    From R438 400

    Corolla 1.2T XR CVT

    From R476 500

    Corolla 1.2T XR CVT Bi-T

    From R488 400

    Corolla Hatch

    The improved Corolla Hatch builds on a tradition of excellence that has brought you great cars that mould to your lifestyle.

    Great power and performance

    The new Corolla Hatch feels easy to control as it soars across the road. A 1.2 litre engine creates incredible power, working with different driving systems to make your ride the best it can be. The vehicle comes equipped with an expertly designed front and back suspension. This improves the quality of road handling. All aspects of performance have been taken into account to enhance the driving experience.

    Approachable and practical

    Thanks to technological developments, the Corolla hatch handles tight spots with ease and enhances your lifestyle around town. These features include a Blind-Spot Monitor which has been installed in specific models. The Blind-Spot Monitor helps you when changing lanes by warning you about obstructions on the road ahead.

    Refreshingly different

    All eyes will be on you when you drive the brand-new Corolla Hatch. Its design is not only aesthetically pleasing but refreshingly different. LED headlamps, fog lamps, cruise control and more are just some of the design features that take the Corolla hatch to the next level.

    Visit our dealership today to get a taste of the new and improved Corolla Hatch.

    Priced from R413 600