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Performance Downhill-Assist Control (DAC)*
Exterior Aggressive front LED headlights
Convenience Central Locking Tailgate

Priced from R479 200

Model Range


    2.7 VVTi RB S 5MT

    From R479 200

    2.4 GD-6 RB SR MT

    From R518 800

    2.4 GD6 RB RAIDER MT

    From R551 000

    2.4 GD6 RB RAIDER AT

    From R568 400

    2.4 GD6 4X4 SR MT

    From R597 400

    2.4 GD6 4X4 RAIDER MT

    From R638 000

    2.4 GD6 4X4 RAIDER AT

    From R663 900

    2.8 GD6 RB RAIDER AT

    From R688 300

    2.8 GD6 RB LEGEND MT

    From R735 100

    2.8 GD6 RB LEGEND AT

    From R784 800

    2.8 GD6 4X4 RAIDER AT

    From R769 500

    2.8 4X4 LEGEND MT

    From R790 100

    4.0 V6 4X4 LEGEND AT

    From R824 500

    2.8 4X4 LEGEND AT

    From R824 900

    2.8 GD6 RB LGD RS AT21

    From R868 800

    2.8 GD6 4X4 LEGEND RS MT

    From R883 100

    2.8 GD6 4X4 LEGEND RS AT

    From R917 100

    Hilux GR Sport

    Hilux GR Sport

    Hilux GR Sport
    Hilux GR Sport

    Toyota Hilux Double Cab

    Practical and ready to handle life

    Take the lead, take charge and accept nothing but the best. Introducing the all-new Toyota Hilux Double Cab. There’s a reason why everybody knows the Hilux name, with a long history of popularity owed in part to the reliability and design of these capable vehicles. The latest Double Cab model of the Hilux range combines raw power and practicality, making it perfect for any business owner and family man. Take a look inside and you’ll see a spacious cabin boasting five seats along with ample storage for your bags and other items.

    Impressive in every regard

    Feel the power with an impressive 245Nm of torque and the Hilux Double Cab’s 2500kg (braked) towing capacity. Downhill Assist Control (DAC) and Hill Assists Control (HAC) will help you traverse those hard-to-reach places and Trailer Sway Control (TSC) has been fitted to keep you stable while towing.

    Easy to operate and protect

    The Hilux Double Cab boasts an impressive collection of security features, including auto and remote central locking, immobiliser, ultrasonic glass break and movement sensors. Enjoy the newest in infotainment technology with the 7’’ touchscreen that lets you control your audio system, in addition to the convenient ease-of-access buttons on the steering wheel.

    Visit us at Thekwini Toyota to find out more about the Hilux Double Cab.

    Priced from R479 200

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